Built-to-suit, easy and affordable data
center solutions in your hands

COPT Performance Highlights

Space: 6 million square feet

Power: 650 megawatts

Connectivity: 20 carriers

COPT provides a wide-array of data center services to meet the strategic and operational requirements of its customers, especially those seeking mission critical, secure environments.

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Completely Customizable

COPT delivers data centers and powered shells to meet your desired timeline, control, and technological requirements. Employing the latest design, build, and operational techniques, COPT rapidly deploys hyper resilient and efficient data center capacity.

Designed to fulfill diverse requirements at any scale and financial imperative--offering both CAPEX and OPEX-intensive solutions.

Who We Serve

For decades, COPT has delivered data centers to customers across a multitude of industries facing the most stringent regulatory requirements. We operate as a trusted partner that lays the infrastructural foundation for public and private sector organizations.

We are intimately familiar with the challenges our customers face and strive to remediate their pain points to help them achieve their goals.